Purple Patch Running : Specialists in planning, organising, timing and delivering mass participation events


Purple Patch Running creates outstanding opportunities for people to bring out their best run, swim or cycle performance.

We believe that running, at every level, should be challenging, achievable and enjoyable.All too often, however, we get caught up in the day to day stresses and strains of fitting in runs, staying motivated, finding new routes, finding new running partners, achieving times, etc.At the end of the day, however, we feel better when we run than when we don’t so don’t let these niggles put you off your stride.

We seek out the most inspiring and rewarding locations, develop race routes and event formats, and top them off with a brilliant race day experience – at the best possible value.

Our year-round events programme in Berkshire includes 5k, 10k and half marathons in stunning parks and on great closed-road courses, trail and cross-country races in scenic parks and woodlands.

Through our events programme, we connect runners, to the leading brands in kit, technology, nutrition, media and services. Ranging from new product samples in race goody bags to free trials and discounts, we work with leading brands to give special rewards to our participants.

In addition to our own programme, we work with charities, commercial brands, schools and sports clubs to help them realise their events. Find out more about Our Services


We’re proud to create the opportunities for you to bring out your best.

We’re passionate about running, and want to give you the opportunity to perform at your best - and to have a great time.

We believe everyone is capable of achieving extraordinary things and understand that each person’s best is completely, well, personal. We know that taking part in larger events brings out the best performance in everyone. As a focus or target for training, race events give structure and purpose to the week-in, week-out effort in solo and group sessions.

With a carefully planned, marked and marshalled route laying out the path ahead, your course clear and free of obstruction, with water and race fuel right where you need them, the conditions are set to bring out your best performance. And when the finish line is within reach, with the cheers, applause and all eyes on you, the goosebumps kick in and any doubts you may have had about reaching your goal disappear. On this day, on this course, you brought out your best.

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