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PURPLE PATCH = "a period of notable success"

Chris & Claire Donald have many years experience of the running and fitness world between them and are passionate about running: for competition; fitness; and just for pure enjoyment! They both strongly believe that running should be enjoyable and life-enhancing, even when training hard for important races. They own and co-direct Purple Patch Running. They say:-


We believe that running, at every level, should be challenging, achievable and enjoyable.  All too often, however, we get caught up in the day to day stresses and strains of fitting in runs, staying motivated, finding new routes, finding new running partners, achieving times, etc.  At the end of the day, however, we feel better when we run than when we don’t so don’t let these niggles put you off your stride...

We at Purple Patch strive to offer you that extra something.  If you are attending our training camps, we aim to make sure that each runner goes home with their own particular objective achieved, through individual guidance and coaching. If you are running in one of our races, we aim to make it a great all-round experience, with scenic (and sometimes challenging!) routes in unusual locations.   If you join the ‘Purple Patch Runners’ running club, we make sure you feel a very welcome and valued member of the club. We offer that personal touch that you just don’t get elsewhere.

There are many times when runners, both new and experienced, need a little extra ‘something’ to point their training in the right direction.  Whether you are training for a Race for Life 5k or the London Marathon you will find that our Running Weekends/Weeks will help.  These training camps are an ideal way for runners of all abilities, from novices to serious competitive athletes, to make sure you are doing the correct training to meet your goals.  With guided runs in stunning scenery, expert advice and coaching, individual technique analysis, great food and company, you will go home revitalised and re-motivated. 

There is no better way to make sure that the time and effort you spend training is effective and appropriate than one-on-one Coaching.  For a small monthly amount (about the same amount as you spend on your newspapers!) you can have a personalised programme and ongoing support & advice via email, telephone or face to face. 

We look forward to hearing from you …..Chris & Claire.....

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