What we do

The Race Organiser creates outstanding opportunities for people to bring out their best run, swim or cycle performance.

We seek out the most inspiring and rewarding locations, develop race routes and event formats, and create a brilliant atmosphere and race day experience – offered at the best possible value. (We don’t think it’s ok to ask people who are aspiring to do amazing things to pay huge sums of money, so we charge as little as we can afford, rather than as much as we can get away with.)

Our year-round events programme in London and around the UK includes 10k and half marathon events in stunning parks and on great closed-road courses, trail or cross country races in scenic country parks and woodlands, multi-discipline events combining running, swimming or cycling, and vertical running events with a difference. We offer around 70 events per year, each one carefully chosen and developed to offer something special – we’re all about quality over quantity.

Through our events programme, we connect runners, swimmers and cyclists to the leading brands in kit, technology, nutrition, publications and services. Ranging from new product samples in race goody bags to free trials or discounts for top products and services, we do our best to work with leading brands to bring special rewards direct to our participants.  

In addition to our own programme, we work with charities, commercial brands, schools and sports clubs to help realise their events. Find out more about Our Services.

Why we do it

We’re proud to create the opportunities for you to bring out your best.

We believe every body is capable of achieving extraordinary things and understand that each person’s best is completely, well, personal. We know that taking part in race events brings out the best performance in everyone. As a focus or target for training, race events give structure and purpose to the week-in, week-out effort in solo and group sessions.

The excitement and adrenaline of a race-day, in undertaking a challenge alongside hundreds upon thousands of fellow competitors all in the same boat, with the same goal, brings out the best of individual strength, determination and competitive spirit. Support from spectators, whether friends or strangers, offers that extra spur, even when you think you’re already at maximum effort.

With a carefully planned, marked and marshalled route laying out the path ahead, your course clear and free of obstruction, with water and race fuel right where you need them, the conditions are set to bring out your best performance. And when the finish line is within reach, with the cheers, applause and all eyes on you, the goosebumps kick in and any doubts you may have had about reaching your goal disappear. On this day, on this course, you brought out your best.

Who we are

Our office-based and race-day teams are some 50+ brilliant people, each with their specialisms to help make great race experiences for everyone.

Craig Thornton, Chief Executive, leader and all-round good guy

Craig founded The Race Organiser to realise his passion for sporting events management. He has conceived too-many-to-count new race routes and events, from the first ideas through to the distribution of the medals. You won’t be surprised to hear that Craig is also a keen runner and cyclist, having completed over 100 marathons, half-marathons, cycling and triathlon events.

Richard Parr, Director of Communications and Development, running geek and mad ideas guy

Rich is generally up for anything that can make a brilliant run / climb / cycle / swim / experience. A firm believer that runners (and other athletes) are the best people, he’s all about making things bigger and better for anyone who voluntarily sweats, gasps and aches in the name of sport.

Louis Dorey, Information and Systems Manager, comic book collector and tech guru

Louis is determined to make The Race Organiser operations so efficient, we could soon all be replaced by machines and one super-hero running-robot. At the same time, he coordinates the massive operation of 100,000 chipped runner numbers each year and is guardian of The Race Organiser website and our online communications.

Caitriona Burke, Administrator, wind-beneath-our-wings and art historian

There is nothing Caitriona doesn’t know about our chip-timing process, being responsible for encoding and preparing for every single runner at every single race day (except when she insists on a holiday - outrageous). Along with all that, she stays on top of all our office supplies and prepares all the crucial documents and kit boxes required for race-days.

Rosy Salaman, Designer, visionary and creative genius

Rosy takes our ideas and puts them through a magical, creative, transformational machine (her brain) and produces the medals, graphics and printed materials that bring our events to life.

Event Managers, Timing Managers and Race Day Staff

We’re lucky to have a team of race-day specialists who have grown with us over the years. Experts in everything from direction-giving to mass medal distribution, these folks ensure race days are delivered safely and to the highest standards, every time.


If you’re interested in joining our team, drop us an email with a CV with some information on what you think you’d be great at and why you’d like to do it for us. We’ll get back to you within a few days if there’s anything we can offer.

We’re happy to hear from potential race-day staff, including marshals, baggage attendants and refreshment / reward station helpers. If you’d like to get involved in a specific event or on an ongoing basis, drop us an email. If you’re a runner, we offer a free race place in any of our events in exchange for each one you marshal.